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Hampton Editions, Ltd. began as an subsidiary of Welden Graphics, established in 1971. At the onset, printing collaborations took place with Dan Welden and his close friends including Richard Vaux, Don Eckelberry, Guy Cohleach and Roy Nicholson. Eventually, Hampton Editions, Ltd. launched its first major collaborative publishing venture with 10 artists and the Southampton Hospital, published in 1982. The artists included were Robert Dash, Esteban Viscente, Jimmy Ernst, Syd Solomon, Elaine and Willem de Kooning, Paul Davis, Bob Gwathmey, Dan Flavin and James Brooks.  A host of other artists were involved in the studio, including Jane Freilicher and Bill King. The evolution from a studio specializing in 'Stone Lithography' publishing and printing into a workshop dealing with a more diverse offerings took place during the 80's and 90's with the Solarplate process gaining more momentum.  

Since the Solarplate process was Dan Welden's own, he pioneered and promoted health and safety in printmaking since the beginning and is an example of a 'more healthy old time master printmaker'. During the 90's Hampton Editions, Ltd. printed for other artists including Eric Fischl, David Salle, Lynda Benglis and numerous others.

The studio has expanded to include a marketing of Solarplate materials and plates as well as promoting educational programs for schools and individuals in its present home in Sag Harbor, Long Island.   


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